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When I was a young girl, I had all these plans that I would have everything I ever dreamed of in my life by the age of 25. I have no idea where I came up with that number, or on what basis I made this decision, but I do know that when I reached that age, the fact that this was not the case bothered me a lot. I was frustrated, and unclear as to why things were not working out “as planned”.

I know a lot of people struggle in life with figuring out what they want to do, but for me, it was very obvious. I have always wanted to be a successful musician, to work at what I love every day, and yes, to receive a certain amount of recognition. For many years in my late twenties, I felt that I must have missed the boat, and during a time when I felt very tired of trying, I took a detour in my life that brought many challenging experiences my way.  There are more times than I care to mention when I wish I had made a different choice, but that’s only when I weigh it up against “my plan”. When viewed away from this naive expectation, I really value the amazing experiences I had, the fantastic people I met, the maturity I developed, and the insight into a much larger view of life that I ultimately gained.

What I’ve learned in these subsequent years, is the famous truth John Lennon sang of:

“Life Is What Happens To You When You’re Busy Making Other Plans”.

I’ve also learned just how important choice is, and decision, and self-discipline. But most importantly I’ve learned the importance of persistence and of never giving up, or losing faith. I don’t write these words lightly, or mean to sound trite, because this has been a very real experience for me, and at times I still struggle to make peace with where I am today. To quote a line from my song Fly Away:

“I had to live the story to be where I am”

So, as much as I know it is a futile exercise to resist what-is, there are times I do. There are times I feel like a failure, wonder where I went wrong, and become lost in regret. Sometimes there are lots of tears. But I feel too, that I’ve become a much stronger person, and a much more compassionate person, and those qualities are of such immense value to me.

Perspective is such an interesting thing, and now I can look at things from many different angles, and question why I approach things the way I do. I can stretch my thinking in all directions, and be open to things I might never have even considered. I feel that life is a celebration, whether it fits in with some idea of what I think my life should be or not, and I know that nothing is more important than feeling happy, enjoying life, being kind, and living completely in the moment, no matter what it is I’m doing.

For me, maturity means taking responsibility for my choices, and not giving credence to my “failed plan”. it means being extremely thankful for everything in my life, and being able to accept, and love the road I’m on in all its diversity. It’s a long road, that’s for sure, but one filled with the beautiful colours and richness of life. I am so happy to be doing what I love, to be able to share my music and thoughts with all of you, and to know that in these moments creation is being served.

I’ll leave you with some lyrics from my song See Me Now:

“You, you see me now

But I have woke and shouted

How could I have ended up in this place

You, you see me now

But I have wandered far from where I started out

Hoping to find some grace”