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Below is a poem I wrote many years ago, as part of a collection. Recently I decided to share it here.

One thing I love about art is its ability to capture the emotion of a moment, whatever that may be. I feel that it’s important as an artist for me to be completely honest and open with my emotions in whatever form they take, and when I wrote this poem the words flowed from my mind both rapidly and freely, allowing a great cathartic release.

I also feel it important not to temper one’s artistic expression, even if the subject matter is difficult, or the emotions expressed tumultuous. I believe that every possible emotional expression exists within the individual. I also believe that it is not only healthy, but of great benefit to embrace the risk of transparency, by fully freeing these expressions when they require a voice. This can help to break the taboo surrounding those emotions we would rather not have, or admit to.

Lastly, my work demonstrates to me those ways in which my perceptions have now changed; it is a reference point for all that I have been, all that I am, and of course, all that I can ever be.


Do you think you could ever love a woman
As much as you love your God
Forgive my audacity
I have never been one for conformity
And the question it just presents itself to me
And I must entertain it
It cannot go ignored
I cannot pretend it isn’t there
Tell me something my dear friend
Do you think my intrusion unfair?
And if this be the case
Do you think that I enjoy
Just lying in my bed
And my brain constantly pulling apart
Everything we said
The curse of an analytical mind
Warped I think you once said
Are you too of this kind?
No, I believe you have the ability
To shut out all you do not wish to see
After all isn’t this the mode of conduct
You employed when discarding me
Let us reflect the saying
Knowing only through experience
Or turning a blind eye
Taking a safety curtain, surrounding yourself
With this invisible cloak
Shunning the question why
If you do not see what is happening to another
And it is not happening to you
You can say you had no idea
And this fact it will be true
Does that not make you the same then
As all the great men you deplore
Or you think yourself some kind of saint
And pray for something more
You need things to be calmer
Where’s your courage to face your core
To take things out, examine what you have done
Or I have pushed you to your limits
Oh little one
You abhor hate
And yet you propel it
How can a man be so ignorant
Amidst his obvious intellect?
You have no idea in this world
How it is to drive another insane
But let me tell you something darling friend
It starts when you dish out pain
Pain stored for eons inside your very soul
Pain that has been inflicted upon you
And you think you can control
But control it you do not
It waits behind your walls of steel
And it explodes in misdirection
When your heart begins to feel
Every emotion that once pained you
And you locked away so tight
The ones that come to haunt you
When you toss and turn at night
And you are thankful for the daylight
When you can resume the very form
You have spent many years perfecting
Until it has become the norm
But buried deep emotion
You forgot it lost from sight
And when it swells and overwhelms you
You cannot tell wrong from right
You find yourself in action
That betrays your moral code
You just cannot help the feelings
That your true self still unfolds
So quickly employ your friend suppression
On everything it is you feel
You tell yourself moments of weakness
Contributed to false ideals
You turn to reliable logic
Another good friend in the past
You bring all things back together
Under your heavy laden cast
And with normality restored
And tranquility regained
You bury once again these feelings
That have stemmed from deeper pain
It is all that you can handle
The truth about oneself is hard to face
And you go back to your routine
Another funeral of disgrace
And everything that we have been through
Not really knowing each other at all
Has given me another scar
And broke my heart and built more walls
It is this my darling friend
That opens hatred’s door
The very hatred you condemn
The hatred you ignore
And so I take you back to the question posed
At the start of this sad rhyme
And now I ask you yet another
Do you not think courage should have its time?