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To celebrate World Poetry Day today, I give you the following poem. I hope you enjoy 🙂


I do not like the idea
Of loving the idea of you
It is you, is it not
That I love
Not in love with ideas thereof
Or you in my imagination
Who I will create
What you will be
Is pleasing to me
It cannot be this idea I seek
For you try me
You make me feel weak
No not the idea of you
But all that I saw and I knew
And I felt
Yes look there is it
Not in my mind
A feeling, no notion to grind
A knowing and comfortable, nice
Not ideas that make me think twice
A feeling I worry I’ll lose
If I imagine ideas of you
When I long for your presence to hold
And I miss you and lie in the cold
Of rejection and fright
Then all I am left with in slight
Are ideas that run through my mind
To keep what I feel in this bind
To feed me and keep you alive
In absence ideas survive
And outlines of moments we knew
Become an idea of you