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Today is National Poetry Day here in the UK.

To celebrate, I’m posting a poem I wrote a few years ago for a friend, whose Mother passed away. I like to think it’s for all of us who have lost someone close.

To My Child

You are my child and all is well
You will not fall under the spell
Of thinking
Now that I am gone
Your life without me can’t go on
You ramble through the bushes bare
And look for meaning everywhere
But I am here to guide your way
And I will hear you when you pray
So dry your tears and know my child
That I am always by your side
And when the grief proves hard to take
Remember love when you awake
Remember laughter, and those years
When I was there to soothe your fears
And always know no matter what
The door to me is never shut
Just close your eyes once in a while
And feel me close and see me smile
And know my heart it overflows
To watch you as your life it grows
In every meaning that you find
You rest with me, our souls entwined