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You do not have to be honest with me
You do not have to write pages of script
Or find fanciful ways of expressing
Your innermost thoughts
You do not have to share
You do not have to give anything to me
Nothing at all
I accept who you are in this moment
And yes there is much I do not know
But there is also much I do
And so I tell you this
You do not have to be honest with me
But for my love of you
I ask you to be
Honest with yourself
Do not listen to this fiendish character
Perched upon your shoulder
Chattering incessantly
Telling you what you need to hear
To soothe your darkest thoughts
Do not fool yourself
You are worth so much more
And what are your prayers for
If not to listen to your spirit
To enlighten you and make you whole
Whatever name you or I choose
However you place your body
I lay mine on the waters of the ocean
With my arms outstretched
And face the skies of heaven
All this serves one purpose
There are angels and we must call to them
To dispel the mythical figure
Who carries the seeds of fear in its wake
And serves to destroy
Everything that is good and true
Do not be honest with me
I am no one in your world
But for my love of you
I tell you now
Be honest with yourself
And call to your God to
Give you the courage to be who you are
For you must know
That this is who he wants you to be
You must know this
I have heard it spoken from your mouth
Even if it was unclear to you
If only I could whisper in your ear
Each night before sleep takes you
I would say
Be honest with yourself
And it will all become clear