Obsession stems from frustration
And when I read this in my book
Sense came to me
And I found something better than before
Obsession stems from knowing how things should be
And living among how they are not
In trying to accept the misshapen detail
And looking for a way to function
Among the discordant harmonies
Nature did not intend
Obsession stems from a longing
To change the mediocrity of existence
Seeing the answers presenting themselves so clearly
In the love of the souls around us
But not matching
The outward deeds of the others we call friends
Obsession stems from the undeniable need to alter
All the stories passed down from our fathers before
In a vain attempt to influence
And oppress our facility
To choose our own thoughts
To listen to our inner voice
Who answers in solitude
With grace and love
Obsession stems from the unwavering fear of losing
That which makes perfect sense
Among our communion
With all the saints and sinners
Obsession stems from self
As long as there are tops and turves in this way
Obsession is
And obsession will always be.