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What of the man who wishes for the desire to hate
Or the man who does not wish to feel
What of the man who is not sensitive to another’s pain
And knows only how to conceal
What he truly is
And what he truly feels
And lives in such a way
That they become his false ideals
And he forgets what once he was
For this is his purpose is it not
To become what he can never be
But still he’ll try and cast out that
Which might expose his pretence, seen
That he is not the laughing clown
Who can keep all things together
And wear a golden crown
That attracts many admirers
Women taken by a smile
This man who has so many words
And knows how to beguile
What of the man who is shown how he behaves
By another just like him
And he does not want for her to know
And he will not allow her in
Obsessed by hate
But buried deep
And if those thoughts allowed to move
Into the recesses of his soul
He will lose all that he has proved
He will surrender his control
And pretence will fall away
Colours will cease to brighten
Enter demons of the day
And everything he knows
In this life that he has built
The people that are in it
Will gently start to wilt
What of this man who hurts another
To protect everything he owns
This man is lost but to himself
His lies now set in stone